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Fashion accessory design Fashion accessory design This course premiered by the school of art design in 2012, in reaction to the growing accessories market. Open-Ended days To get a real taste of this series, why Pandora Store not visit us on our open days? Can't check us out?Meet with us online. We know it's not always possible to come along to our open events, particularly on hand live in the uk.Throughout the year we will be running a number of live chat sessions, which you could log on and talk to us remotely. Discover more about live chats for this course on our live chat webpage. When does the package start?This program starts in september.Visit our academic calendar for details of (free next day in-store delivery.) term start and end dates. What is going to i study?Year one Design concepts:Document, function and software(100 credit)Version, civilization and context(20 'tokens')Year two Design wording:Commodity, energy solutions and innovation(100 'tokens')Function, community and context 2(20 'tokens')Best year Discussed;Stock account and research project(120 loans)Determine what you'll cover in each module of our course this page in more detail. Degree shows in one last year you will exhibit your work as part of our degree shows at the university.Their education shows include all final year students across ntu's art and design based courses, and are a great platform for you to celebrate college and showcase your work to members of the creative industries. You will also get the chance to http://www.wobistal.com/alphabet-charms.html be selected to exhibit your final year work at graduate fashion week in london. How i learn?You will be taught through a variety of learning and teaching experiences which will include:In years one and two it will cost an average of 67.5% of energy in scheduled learning.Takes into account things like:In year three you'll experience less scheduled learning(Nearly 60%)As you will be working more for yourself on your final year coursework.

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